A B O U T   K H O N E   P A   S O I

General Geography of Khone Pa Soi Island

Khone Pa Soi is a small Island “about 5 ha” situated at eastern part of Khone Island 's area (see Map), in 4,000 Island area at southern part of Laos. Khone Pa Soi consisted of a rocky hill in the northern part and slope down to a plain in the middle and climb up to a small hill again in the southern part. It is surrounded with waterfalls in the eastern side and gorge in the western side together with the original tropical green forest and its is an important source of Mekong fishes in Laos. (see Map attached) The local people will start their activities to catch fishes during May to September in every year and you can join!.

Distance to The Important Tourist Sites

  2 Km from “ SALA PHAE FLOATING ”
•  2 Km to Somphamith Waterfall.
  3 Km to Ban Hang Khone (Dolphin House) by walk.
  4.5 Km to Ban Hang Khone (Fresh Water Dolphin House) by Kayak,
   Canoe, Rafting.
  200 m to French Embankment. (some of them sitting in our area).
  2 Km to French Bridge & French Locomotive Remain .
  6.5 Km to Head of Done Det .
  500 m to Chom Island .
  10 Km from the Island to Cambodian Border by boat.